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Valuation of Warehouse Space in Moscow and Other Russian Regions

Valuation of Warehouse Real Estate

Warehouse real estate (warehouse premises and buildings) is a type of commercial real estate, which is distinguished by its highly specialized nature of use solely as a storage of material assets. This type of use determines the requirements that market puts on warehouses. Accordingly, the market value of a warehouse in Russia is formed depending on its compliance with these requirements.

Valuation of a warehouse begins with the establishment and analysis of its main parameters, on the basis of which its market value is formed. These characteristics are also referred to as pricing factors because they determine the price of a given storage space on the Russian real estate market.

Pricing Factors of Warehouse Real Estate in Russia

For storage buildings and premises, these factors include:

  1. Location:
    • proximity to centers of social and business activity;
    • transport accessibility (location of the warehouse relative to highways, railways and ports).

  2. Functionality:
    • type of warehouse (universal warehouse, specialized high-class warehouse, specialized agricultural warehouse, food production warehouse, roadside service warehouse);
    • total warehouse capacity
    • distribution of the total area of the warehouse facility between its different functional parts - warehouse, administrative and amenity premises.

  3. Technical parameters of the warehouse building:
    • quality class;
    • material of load-bearing walls;
    • total area;
    • the physical condition of the main structures and interiors;
    • availability (or lack of) of heating;
    • height of ceilings;
    • built-in equipment (refrigerators, lifting and transport mechanisms, shelving and/or other storage systems, security and access control systems).

Our Services

We have been providing qualified professional services for independent valuation of commercial real estate for over 22 years. Our valuators have extensive experience in valuation of various types of warehouse spaces located in Moscow and other Russian regions.

In addition to direct valuation, we can also provide professional analysis of investment projects related to storage facilities or evaluate the cost of renting a warehouse or warehouse complex on Russian real estate market.

Should you require more information about our services or a quotation for a specific valuation project, please contact us.

Online Calculator - Instant Valuation of Warehouse Space in Moscow

If you wish to quickly estimate market value or annual rental rate of a particular warehouse you are interested in you can use our free online calculators. To get the result enter the required warehouse parameters in the appropriate fields of the calculator form and click the "Valuation" button.

ATTENTION: These calculators can only be used for an approximate (rough) estimate of value. For an accurate appraisal please contact us by email info@koo.ru or Telegram