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Valuation Corp.
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Valuation Corp.
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VALUATION Corp., an independent valuer in Moscow, Russia, provides professional valuation services throughout all Russian regions

Debt Valuation in Russia

In Russia, the right to request a debt from a debtor can be bought and sold under cession agreement. Very often, parties of such transactions require an independent valuation to be done prior to closing of the cession agreement.

The value of debt of a legal entity is mostly determined by debtor’s financial conditions and his ability and willingness to repay the debt. The risk of non-payment is always there, so in each case a professional valuer must accurately estimate the amount of discount, corresponding to the existing risk.

Our experience shows that the need for debt valuation most often arise when analyzing the company’s financial performance, assigning claims or settling the mutual claims between companies. We provide reliable professional valuation services in regard to debts and financial obligations in Russia.

Documents and Information Required

  • The agreement(-s) under which the debt was incurred as a result of debtor’s non-performance or undue performance.
  • All addendums and other supplemental documentation to the said agreement(-s) – if any.
  • Relevant payment documents confirming partial debt repayment – if any.
  • Documents showing exchange of assets, involved in creating the debt or partial repayment of the debt – if any.
  • Correspondence with the contracting party pertaining to settlement of mutual claims – if any.
  • Court decisions – if any.

Our work in debt valuation will result in a written valuation report, stating the fair market value of the subject debt (claim) as of the valuation date. Under the current Russian legislation, the valuation report prepared by an independent valuer can be used in court and other official institutions as an evidence.