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Valuation Corp.
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Valuation Corp.
appraisal & consulting

VALUATION Corp. Provides Professional Land Valuation Services in Moscow and Other Russian Regions

Land Market in Russia

Russian Federation is the largest country in the world by territory and has a capacious land market, where thousands of hectares of land are bought and sold every day.

The use of land in Russia is tightly controlled by the state and depending on possible usage, all lands in Russian Federation according to the Russian Land Code are divided into the seven categories:

  1. Agricultural lands.
  2. Lands of settlements.
  3. Lands of industry and special purposes lands (energy, transport, communications, broadcasting, television, space activities, defense, security, etc.).
  4. Lands of specially protected territories and objects.
  5. Lands of the forest fund.
  6. Lands of the water fund.
  7. Reserved lands.

The division of all Russian lands into categories is a consequence of territorial zoning and state development strategy. For each land category there is an official list of permitted usages for land lots in this category and territorial zone. The owner of the land can initiate legal transfer of his land lot from one category to another, but with some land categories it is legally impossible, while with others it is legally possible but could be complicated. However, the land lot owner can freely choose his land usage from official list of permitted usages for his land category and territorial zone.

The land market in the majority of Russian regions is quite mature, therefore land valuation in those regions is mainly based on the analysis of current market transactions, rental rates and asking prices for the land plots.

But due to land categorization and usage restrictions, the main factors determining the land value in Russia by far are category and permitted usage(s) of the subject land. With these two factors being equal, the market value of a certain land plot further depends on traditional for real estate factors - location, transport infrastructure, social amenities, environmental conditions, quality and recreational value of the surrounding territory.

Land Valuation Services

If you are looking for an investment opportunity on the Russian land market or have a particular land plot and need to know its exact market value, please contact us by email info@koo.ru or Telegram

We conduct land valuation for various purposes: for making a non-monetary contribution to the company’s charter capital (shareholder's capital), for registration of mortgage or simply for consultation about current market land price. We have extensive experience in valuation of all types of land plots - community, industrial and farming lands.

In addition to formal valuation, we also provide related services such as:

  • Determination of market rental rate before entering into a land lease agreement.
  • Determination of the most commercially efficient use of a land lot.
  • Title check for a particular land lot.
  • Custom land market research and monitoring.
  • Creating informational land value map for a region of interest.
  • Land lot survey by our highly qualified surveyors.

Required Documents and Information

  1. Documents confirming title of the subject land.
  2. Cadastral plan of the subject land plot, issued by Russian Federal Land Cadastral Service.
  3. Information about book value of the subject land (if land owner is a legal entity).
  4. Information about any buildings, structures or other improvements of the subject land (if any).
  5. Information about any encumbrances, including mortgages or debt obligations, restrictions due to presence of tenants, contracts, agreements and other restrictions on use of the subject land (if any).

The above list of required documents and information is preliminary and depending on the category, permitted use of the subject land and purpose of valuation it may be reduced or expanded after the our review of the valuation assignment.