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Valuation Corp.
appraisal service & consulting
Valuation Corp.
appraisal & consulting

VALUATION Corp. Provides Real Estate Valuation Services in Moscow, Russia

Types of Real Estate Value

Valuation of real estate is a professional assessment of the subject property' value or value of some specific set of individual rights in regard to the property (lease rights, rights of use, etc.). Professional valuation can be conducted to value various types of property, such as commercial buildings, industrial complexes, flats (apartments, condos), residential houses, office spaces, land plots and longstanding plantations (gardens, parks, landscaped plots).

Depending on valuation purpose, different types of real estate value can be determined. At the negotiation stage you can instruct the appraiser to determine one or several types of value for the subject property. The most commonly used types of value in regard to real estate are:

  • market value - the most probable price of the subject property if sold in the open competitive market where buyers and sellers act independently in their own interests;
  • reproduction value (reproduction cost) - the total cost of reproducing a property identical to the subject property at current market prices;
  • liquidation value - the value of the real estate in the event of its forced liquidation (compulsory sale) within the fixed period of time which is less than normal period of market exposure for similar properties;
  • investment value - the value based on the earning capacity of the real estate and specific requirements of a particular investor, usually calculated for investment purposes.

Our Services

We provide professional valuation services for real estate located in Moscow and other Russian regions.

Real estate valuation takes into account all factors affecting the value of the immovable property, including its location, quality of surrounding infrastructure, distance from major population centers, transport service, prevailing environmental conditions, physical conditions of the property and the wear and tear of its main structures.

We have more than 20 years of experience in property valuation, our valuation reports are documents of evidential significance and meet all Russian and international standards.

In addition to formal valuation, we also provide related services such as:

  • Determination of market rental rate for a specific real estate before entering into a lease agreement.
  • Determination of the most commercially efficient use for a certain property.
  • Title check for a particular real estate.
  • Custom real estate market research and monitoring.
  • Creating informational real estate price map for a region of interest.
  • Real estate survey by our highly qualified surveyors.

Moscow Real Estate Value - Our Online Calculators

For a rough estimate of real estate prices in Moscow you can use our free online calculators. With these calculators you can quickly check existing market prices for apartments (flats), office spaces and detached office (administrative) buildings located within the Moscow city limits. All our calculators allow calculating property’s value for a past date, as well as for a current date.

Please note that the calculators give only rough approximation of real estate value, therefore for a full and accurate valuation please contact us by email info@koo.ru or Telegram

Check prices for apartments (flats) in Moscow online:

Check rental rates for office space in Moscow online:

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