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Valuation Corp.
appraisal service & consulting
Valuation Corp.
appraisal & consulting

VALUATION Corp. provides professional valuation services for court purposes

Property Valuation for Court Purposes

In a civil litigation process involving any kind of property, there is often a need for a sworn valuation of the property that is the subject of a legal dispute.

For court purposes, there is a big difference between a sworn valuation and a price quotation one might get from a property website or other publicly available informational sources. A sworn valuation is a formalized procedure when a qualified professional valuator presents his valuation report to the court together with a signed affidavit, swearing its validity. Valuation report is prepared using proper methodology and market analysis and the result is considerably more precise than when using publicly available data, which is usually general and not always up to date.

Independent and unbiased property valuation made by a qualified professional is intended to provide a solid evidence for the court, especially when the parties involved have significant disagreement about the property value.

Our Services

We have been providing professional valuation services and expert evidence for court purposes for more than 23 years.

We do independent professional valuation of the following types of assets:

  • real estate
  • business/financial assets
  • intellectual property and intangible assets
  • chattels

Depending on the client’s requirements we can provide valuation result either as an expert’s opinion letter or as a full-length valuation report. If necessary, our experts are available to give expert evidence and answer questions concerning our valuation during court hearing, usually in a teleconference mode.

Should you have any queries regarding independent valuation of the property in Russia for use in court proceedings, please contact us by email info@koo.ru or Telegram