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Valuation Corp.
appraisal service & consulting
Valuation Corp.
appraisal & consulting

VALUATION Corp. provides aircraft valuation services in Moscow and other Russian regions, including valuation of airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft

Aircraft valuation in Russia

In Russia, airborne vehicles are legally classified as immovable property and subject to compulsory state registration (Art. 130 of the Russian Civil Code). However, from the economic point of view, due to their functional and design characteristics, all airborne vehicles should be considered (and valued, too) as a special category of machinery and equipment which requires its own valuation methods.

We have extensive experience in aircraft valuation and provide professional valuation services in regard to various types of airborne vehicles - airplanes, helicopters, as well as their components, such as engines.

Should you have any queries regarding aircraft valuation in Russia, please contact us by email info@koo.ru or Telegram

Documents and information required for valuation

  • Full name of the subject aircraft, serial number, side number.
  • Manufacturer.
  • Manufacture and commissioning dates.
  • Aircraft owner.
  • Copies of documents confirming the title to the aircraft.
  • Gross and net book values (if owned by a legal entity).
  • Aircraft operator.
  • Copies of operating documentation.
  • Dates and description of modernizations/repairs, if any.
  • Technical condition reports.
  • Restrictions of use, if any.
  • Current location.
  • Specified (by design) life.
  • Remaining life.
  • Information about the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Aircraft operation rate.
  • Type of operation.
  • Specific characteristics of operation.
  • Main performance characteristics (airlift, velocity, range ability, etc.)
  • Performance characteristics defining maintenance costs (type of fuel, fuel consumption, number of crewmembers).
  • Brief description of storage and service conditions.

This list of documents and information is preliminary and can be reduced or expanded upon the valuer’s detailed review of the valuation assignment, based on type and condition of the aircraft, as well as on valuation purpose.